Secrets to the Grave crowdfunding now

The Irish midlands seem an unlikely place to shoot an action movie trilogy – but Mullingar son Craig Moore aims to change that as he crowdfunds his latest project.

‘Secrets to the Grave’ will be the second of the 3 part ‘Driver’ series of short films. It’s prequel ‘Any Last Words’ was intended to be standalone, but that changed after it was well received in the Cannes Short Film Corner, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival and the Underground Cinema Awards.

Moore says they were “compelled to continue the story.”

Moore, whose day job is in the RTE, spent 8 months perfecting the short film’s script. He says it continues the story of ‘Any Last Words’ but will stand on it’s own two feet. The intention is to stitch the three films together into a cohesive feature when they’re all complete.

It’s a far cry from anything else going on in Irish film; This is a pulsating action thriller.

This makes budgeting especially important. There are plans to include a complex car chase scene in this one.

This bold move could prove to show off Westmeath as a viable place for filming – Moore says on the Indiegogo page that it was on purpose;

“It’s the first film trilogy to be entirely shot in the Westmeath area. The aim of the films is to highlight the region as an attractive filming location and to bring some escapist entertainment to the midlands.

“With a number of the crew being from the Mullingar area, we are attempting to do something different and bring our craft here as opposed to outsourcing ourselves to somewhere else.”

Arts grants are hard to come by with such a huge amount of great filmmakers in Ireland, so they’ve had to come up with creative ways to find revenue.

The 2 month Indiegogo campaign aims to raise €6000, and it has a month left in its campaign. If it doesn’t reach the goal, the money will still be put to good use, and revenue sourced elsewhere.

You can find the first of the ‘Driver’ triliogy, ‘Any Last Words’ on Vimeo.


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