‘Tickled’ – Review

Tickled is like no documentary you’ve watched before. It exposes a scandal that looks more like a novelty.

Kiwi journalist Dave Farrier normally covers special interest entertainment stories. At the start of the documentary, he finds his latest quirky pursuit – Competitive Endurance Tickling; but his interest is rebuffed by a very hostile community.

“Association with a homosexual journalist is not something we will embrace,” is how Jane O’Brien media, the competition’s promoters, worded it.

Farrier tries to glean some more information on the ‘sport’ and the organisers, and it turns into something a lot less innocent; you’re shocked with the reality of the situation.

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As a watch, it drags in parts; this coupled with an unsatisfactory payoff means it can be a hard watch, but you’re primed for this in a documentary. The bizarre subject matter keeps you engaged.

For any sort of journalist or researcher it’s a must watch. It shows what walls you might run into when following up on facts. It also shows how financial resources can come into play when you’re uncovering something that people don’t want out in the open.

People use legal structures to hide their illegal activities which is ironic; this is really the story of how money can obstruct justice.

This is an obscure review – but the twist that is best left for your own eyes.


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