History Youtuber and author John D. Ruddy interview

Interview with history youtuber and author John D. Ruddy after the release of his latest book ‘Manny Man does revolutionary Ireland, 1916 to 1923’.


J-Con Ireland gives cosplayers time to shine in Croke Park

Last week I jumped into the unknown and attended J-Con Dublin, a conference dedicated to Japanese culture taking place in Croke Park. Even though I hate exhausting the metaphor of Alice in Wonderland, I’ll follow through with it. While we have arguably firmer connections with Japanese culture in Lafcadio Hearn as you can hear in…

Why Netflix has made me love regular television again

The advent of Netflix has brought about a new style of binge-watching television. People were afraid of this new ‘thing’ taking over, as has always happened: TV was to kill radio; the internet was to kill print. But neither of those happened. And nor will Netflix kill traditional television. I’m writing this as I wait…