Other Stuff I do

Since graduating from DCU’s Journalism course in 2016, I spent three months in marketing at a travel company followed by seven months as a digital reporter at the Irish Sun.

The thing that got me to love arts, and making media content was student radio. I was involved in a heckofalotof shows on DCUfm, my college radio station. I even got to be their Head of Arts. Here’s links to all the shows I was a part of:


For a wonderful year, this was my baby. This is the flagship show on DCUfm that I started as the Inaugural Head of Arts on the station. We covered everything from Live music sessions to Burlesque dancing, The Silk Road film Festival to ‘Demon Road’ by Derek Landy (Who incidentally I also interviewed). We even spoke to a campaign to restate Pluto as a planet!

Bon Journos

The Cutting Room

The Musical Adventure Show

Now, I’m doing a podcast about Game of Thrones, my favourite TV show.



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