2014 – A good year for democracy?

As Russia tightens it’s attempt at invasion of Crimea a number of things came to my mind. Who is right? Who is spinning? Does Crimea really want to split from Ukraine?

But what really stands out to me is the NO contingent in Crimea’s non-participation in the vote – and by that their throwing in of the blue and yellow towel. They believe it is not a democratic vote. But tell me, what is a democratic vote? is it only a vote can you hope to win? is it a vote that suits you?

Lets leave that for a minute and head to the border town of Lifford, Co. Donegal, where the County Council Chamber were making waves with their kamikaze-like ‘stand’ against the budget allocated to them. The opposition believed that it ‘wasn’t nearly enough’ and bemoaned Donegal’s status as Ireland’s “forgotten county”. They pleaded so passionately and with much gusto. They were even willing to sacrifice their wages and seats to fight the good fight. It’s a pity they didn’t hang around long enough to vote. The independent abstained from voting in his ‘outrage’ and another Councillor – a teacher – had work commitments – at 11pm.


Realistically, they all knew what was going on, and democratic integrity is all well and good – but only when it suits, of course. they feigned blindness claiming they didn’t know a second vote was to take place.


Irish politicians once more taking their public as idiots. Even I knew there was to be a second vote. The only reason most of them get in is due to not enough standing. forget the quota of women, there seems to be a quota of gobshites in every chamber in the country.

But i digress.

As i was saying ‘convenience’ democracy has been all too present in this year – 2014 for any of you futuristic blog scholars – and I believe Crimea’s situation may be a clear indication of this. Or an attempt to smear democracy by Russians. Either way. It appears Russia is using ‘democracy’ against the west. And a war is always a good ol’ boost for the economy.

Watching the 300 sequel i couldn’t help but think of the main themes in the film – Democracy and the defense of it – coming just in time.


Either way, we’re all looking a little like my friend Kim here.


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