Irish rockers The Academic record viral hit on Facebook Live

OK Go, eat your heart out.

Irish indie-rockers The Academic surprised their fans last Tuesday giving them a Facebook live performance of new track Bear Claws.

However, this performance came with a difference.

The Westmeath natives exploited the gap between recording their video and its appearance online by forming a ‘loop’.

The band rearranged each instrument on “Bear Claws” to fit Facebook Live’s delay, with each loop getting more complex, adding instruments, rhythms, and melodies.

Frontman Craig Fitzgerald said: “by ‘hacking’ Facebook Live we really tried to push our live performance to a different type of level.

The Academic

The Academic have come a long way from a small town in the midlands of Ireland

“Everything had to be timed perfectly. From the musical loops to the choreography.

“We noticed a delay in Facebook live from the moment you go live, to the moment it actually shows up on people’s walls.

“This inspired us and we thought it’d be cool to turn that lag into a video and audio sampler.”

The YouTube version of the loop has gone viral, gaining over a million hits in a week, which is a welcome boost for the band.

Not a bad way to plug their a new track.

Since forming in 2013, the band have earned themselves some success in the UK opening for acts like The Strokes, Pixies and Noel Gallagher.

They’ve racked up millions of Spotify plays on their independently released five-track EP “Loose Friends”

Here’s the official music video for “Bear Claws”.


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