‘Gustav’ is the Irish short film that will stay with you for weeks

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and have it take over your life?

You think about it in the shower. You think about it when you’re trying to sleep. You think about it when you’re at work.

If so, then ‘Gustav’ is the short film for you.

Our protaganist Will (Seán T. O’Mailleagh) has such a song in his life, but he knows neither the name or the composer of the song.

(It’s an instrumental song, so it’s not just a case of googling the words)

Once he learns what the song is (‘Jupiter’ by Gustav Holst), he indulges in the song, and Holst’s entire back-catalog. And yet. It persists.

See what lengths this poor soul (and his long suffering girlfriend) go to to pry this earworm from his mind.

And see how much his life suffers for it.

Directors Ken Williams & Denis Fitzpatrick have managed to bottle an experience everyone has and inject some hilarity into the mix.

This short will stay with you, if not for it’s infectious soundtrack.

‘Gustav’ Premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh and screened at Offline in Offaly.

If you want to catch it, and loads more great Irish film on the big screen, it will screen at the Richard Harris Film Festival in Limerick, The Waterford Film Festival and the Clones Film Festival.

Check out Gustav the Film and Fillum Ireland on Facebook for more.


Directed by Ken Williams & Denis Fitzpatrick
Written by Ken Williams
DOP: James Mather
Will – Seán T. O’Mailleagh
Dee – Charlene Gleeson
Mr Price – Glen Barry


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