Donegal songstress Rosie Carney lays her past bare in ‘Awake Me’

She never leaves it in the studio, she never leaves it on the page.

Awake me is another mournfully uplifting confessional from Rosie Carney, the Donegal-based singer songwriter.


Album art for Rosie Carney’s ‘Awake Me’

The 19-year-old has overcome more than many do in a lifetime, personally and professionally.

Her velvety voice would surely draw envy from the most established vocalists and her personal story pierces you before filling you with admiration.

Rosie suffered throughout her youth with anorexia, depression and sexual assault whilst being elevated to renown in musical circles internationally, detailing the struggles in her eye-opening essay ‘I am a reason‘.

In ‘Awake Me’, she channels it through her stark honest lyrics which drip with meaning and ooze sentiment.

“I’ve been a fool for more than half of my life / I’ve tried to hide,” she confides.

Often artists attempt this confessional style of lyricism and fall flat after they trip over their hamfisted attempts but Rosie Carney doesn’t fall into that trap – each lyric carries meaning, but with poetic nuance that avoids overwhelming you.

Universal records signed her while still in school, another pin to juggle along the way, which she dropped, fortunately.

She has signed now to independent London label Nero X which grant a developing artist the creative freedom to play in, but the guidance to grow – she is still a teenager after all.

But considering she has come so far already, her limits are unimaginable.


Rosie is pioneering folk revival in Donegal and Ireland with acts like In Their Thousands, For Foresters and SOAK.

Her grasp of tone shows maturity and musical sense that takes decades to develop in others and her atmospheric skill is something not every artist can ever have, let alone hone.

‘Awake Me’ is a flourish, and yet almost resembles an opening number – hopefully a sign for things to come.


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