Donegal band Little Hours release pertinent video for new single ‘Water’

Donegal duo Little Hours released the video for single ‘Water’ last Monday, January 16th.

The song itself was released back on December 9th and from then has amassed almost half a million streams on spotify.


A screen grab from little hours music video for ‘Water’

The Killybegs pair  saw even more instant results on the video, with 136,063 hits on Youtube at the time of writing.

The reason for the virality of the video partly lies in the poignant story that’s told in just under four minutes.

It tells the story of a displaced person hiding out in a country where they only know one person – the person they love.

They can’t leave the house, and when she does, it makes for tragic results, as now it is revealed that this is from a dystopic alternate reality.

The problem is, that many people fear that this dystopic vision may soon become a reality.

Notice how I just avoided the term ‘refugee’ to describe the person in the video – That was the main message the band wanted to spread from all of this.

In a letter penned to fans and released on their Facebook page, Little Hours said: “We were toying with a few ideas for the video and then one evening I overheard a discussion about the refugee crisis and something just clicked”.


Little Hours’ letter to their fans concerning the music video for ‘Water’

“We’re talking about millions of people here – the largest displacement of people since the second world war – and this term ‘refugee’ is meant to encapsulate their whole lives.

“Everything about them, all of these tens of millions of people.

“So we started thinking about that in terms of a single relationship.

“All that hate and fear and where it could end up and the impact it would have on these two peoples’ lives, this one relationship.

“I suppose we wanted to put it in a context people here could relate to – not a war zone – our own back door.

“And we wanted people to think about the fact that every one of those people fleeing their homes right now – they’re someone’s partner, friend, child, sibling, whatever.

“They’re human beings, they’re us – which can be easy to forget when we put the label of ‘refugee’ on them, as if it makes it okay to treat them differently.

“If we can dismantle this label, empathy will come easier.

“They will go from being a number to being one of us.”

The video has gotten a response from fans who don’t even speak english, so it’s clear that it is strong in it’s own right.

They’re a band with a purpose behind their work, which is something that has to be admired.

Their sound is crisp and pure, which may have played some part in the title of the song, ‘Water’.

Vocalist and guitarist Ryan McCloskey thinks it comes down to their surroundings, the quiet scenic seaside town of Killybegs.

He says: “People in cities and large urban areas are influenced by many different things, so many diverse genres of music, whereas because we’re quite isolated we just write whatever we hear in our heads.

“We are, in effect, not contaminated by influences; our music is quite pure.”


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