Paddy Slattery’s Feature film raising €100,000

Offaly Filmmaker Paddy Slattery is well known in Irish filmmaking circles. He made acclaimed short films like The Moment, Runner and Skunky Dog, but never a feature.

Until now.

The Broken Law of Attraction will be Slattery’s first feature length film. It is currently in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign with a target of €100,000. It’s not a number set lightly; Paddy has had this film in his head for 10 years and is itching to get it out.

The movie follows Dave Connolly, a young and trusted Garda officer, but his loyalty to the law gets tested when his criminal younger brother Joe needs his help.

Dave helps, but falls in love with Amia, and this is where things become complicated for him. She is the victim of his brother’s crime.

So begins the web of deceit.

Slattery’s crime-drama will be based in Suburban Dublin and the cast is made up of Irish Actors, with Tristan Heanue (In This Place) taking the lead.

Paddy is a quadriplegic; He has been in a wheelchair since he was in a car accident 20 years ago.

This, needless to say, has made filmmaking harder to pursue. But that hasn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves, as you can tell from his comments:

“We’re shooting this film, by hook or by crook! I don’t want any special treatment because I’m a wheelchair user, I just want a fair crack of the whip as I believe I’ve earned it.

“Anyone who has a few bob to spare and an interest in supporting the arts, please support this project. Without your help, we simply cannot make this film.”

You can chip into the project on The Broken Law Of Attraction’s Indiegogo page.


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