Why Tony Stark Would have been better off dead

Tony Stark. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. All in his own words of course. The only people in the marvel cinematic universe who love Tony Stark more than Tony Stark are the general public (probably).


He used his genius to create, Shut down Jeff Bridges, and put a stop to the mighty Ultron. But would the Marvel Universe have been better off if he had died in that cave?

I know what you’re thinking; “Surely not”.

1) Well think about it; the Iron Man arms race would not have happened, as there would have been no Iron Man in the first place.

2) The Arc Reactor concept would have remained a pie in the sky, stopping anyone from putting any faith (or money) into Ivan Vanko’s abilities to manufacture another. (I mean come on – some raggedy old dude claims to have invented a huge company’s stuff before they did?


3) Even with Stark alive, the benefits that emerged from Arc Reactor Technology were limited; He had a way of fuelling the planet with little or no emissions. He could have stopped global warming if he wasn’t as obsessed with violence and his own glorification as a superhero. Saved the world proper.

But then again, it is a Disney movie…


4) Jeff Bridges would have lost his main source of prospective income, Mr Stark’s brain. There would have been a sharp downfall in stark industries in the stock market damaging the company, possibly even closing it, thus, closing down the weapons division of stark industries.


5) Despite the fact that he put a stop to Ultron, it would never have existed in the first place had Tony Stark not caused the Bruce Banner some serious aggro by creating it.

6) And *Spoiler alert [for those of you living under rocks]*, the Civil War would not be near as likely had anyone but tony stark decide to take umbrage to Captain America.

But of course this argument isn’t infallible; it’s a comic book storyline. There must be counter-logic.

For example, it wouldn’t change the fact Loki would still have showed up. And Hulk and Thor are limited against him.

But seeing as Hawkeye’s explosive arrows worked and it might have dragged Jeremy Renner’s character out of the dimly lit streets of irrelevantsville.

Who knows? I’m sure you all have criticisms. Have at us, public.


7 thoughts on “Why Tony Stark Would have been better off dead

  1. How about this kid, no one would watch marvel movies and the real world would sure not have been better off!!!

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