Kamila Dydyna launches ‘Testimony’ crowdfunding campaign

Kamila Dydyna launched a crowdfunding campaign for the short film Testimony, her debut in the writing/directing field.

Testimony is the true story of a 9-year-old called as a witness in a domestic violence court hearing. Her mother is the plaintiff and her father the defendant.


The real-life events happened in Dydynas native Poland in 1991, but the movie has been adapted to an Irish context, of the country she now calls home. She thought it was important to bring the story to the screen:

“…neither the parents nor the judicial system recognised the need to protect a 9-year-old child from unbearable pressure on a witness stand. It’s fascinating that it actually happened, and it’s an interesting perspective on how the courts system has evolved since then.”

The cast of the film have appeared in some notable work before; Neill Fleming and Barrington Cullen appeared in Game of Thrones, and Clodagh Downing appeared in Patsy Dick, which was officially selected for Cannes.

Dydyna is by no means a rookie in filmmaking despite this being her directorial debut; She recently played the lead in British webseries Feather-Light and Paper-Thin, and is the executive producer on Irish short drama Positive Discrimination.

You can here my interview with her about her other work here.

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You can find the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign here if you want to donate and bring the film to life. It needs to reach €4500.

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