Lowlight Gathering - Young Hearts

Lowlight Gathering – ‘Young Hearts’ EP

Too many young bands die because everyone is vying for the limelight, but Lowlight Gathering seems to be the perfect name. Their work indicates a mutual respect and a rapport for each other that is too often missing in bands.

Johnny normal brings Adam and the Ants album new life, and it reciprocates.

“It was Adam Ant himself who contacted me in September 2010 and asked if I would consider recording Kings of The Wild Frontier in my own electronic style. He said he was a fan of my music and it would be interesting to see my take on his album. Of course I was gobsmacked and accepted.”

They Might Be Giants – John Flansburgh Interview

“We recorded all the music on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for over a decade but because their credit scroll runs at the speed of light I don’t think anyone besides the people reading this know it.”

I spoke to They Might Be Giants guitarist John Flansburgh about what he’s learned in his time on the road, his own musical taste, the band’s Dial-a-song innovation, and how it affected their latest album ‘Glean’.