‘Morten On The Ship Of Fools’ Makes (Stop Motion) Waves

Morten on the Ship of Fools is special for a lot of reasons. Not simply because it’s full of Ireland’s most recognisable names like Brendan Gleeson and Pauline McGlynn. Not just because it’s being made in a studio in rural Ireland. But it’s Ireland’s first ever fully stop motion feature film. It tells the tale…


Secrets to the Grave crowdfunding now

‘Secrets to the Grave’ will be the second of the 3 part ‘Driver’ series of short films. It’s prequel ‘Any Last Words’ was intended to be standalone, but that changed after it was well received in the Cannes Short Film Corner, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival, Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival and the Underground Cinema Awards.

Moore says they were “compelled to continue the story.”