Interview with Pat McHale (Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall writer)

I think whenever you write something you want people to like it. The best way to do that, usually, is to write what you think is good. That’s basically what everyone tries to do… just to write what they think is good. Part of that is staying true to the characters and the world (which makes it a kids show by it’s design)… and part of that is introducing deeper concepts that we, as writers, are curious about exploring (which makes it more interesting for adults).

Shane Collins of Brown Bag Films

Shane Collins is an animator at Brown Bag Films. He was the lead Animator on Academy nominated short film ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’. He’s just after directing a sequel to successful viral short ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and he’s involved in Brown Bag’s new project with Amazon. Listen via the youtube video and/or read the transcript!

Bertie Brosnan – Interview

Filmmaker Bertie Brosnan is promoting his latest work ‘SINEATER‘. I spoke to him about why he got into film, his experience on the US film scene and the positive attention he received from the Cannes film festival for his film ‘Jacob Wrestling The Angel‘. We discuss the differences between art house cinema and commercial cinema and how…