100 word reviews – Papier-Mache (Michael Jablonka), The Unknown (Rosie Turton), Four Walls (Rob Jarvis and the Mercury sons), Harry And Bart (Liquid Bear), Dadcore (Mozes and the Firstborn)

Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Christmas – And at Christmas you tell the truth – here are five 100 word reviews just for you. Enjoy.


Mozes and the Firstborn

D A D C O R E; from the LP Dadcore. They’ve got this optimistic grungy energy, and this tune has some very nice chord progression.

I wish it wasn’t so echoey – I dislike it when acts try and recreate their live performance in what is clearly a studio environment. It gives it a gimmicky feel. They’re a Dutch band singing in English so maybe they’re giving fans who won’t travel a taster.

Its cool song though, production aside – Give the rest of their LP a listen In early 2019. Weezer fans will like.

Four Walls

Rob Jarvis and the Mercury sons

What a set of lungs this lad has! A stripped down performance and a mournful song need masterful guitar playing and a voice to accompany it and this guy has both.

It was written in Nashville – Jarvis spent 18 months there writing with the likes of Daughtry, Aerosmith, Hollywood Vampires, Bob Seger, and more.

One problem I do get with this song is that it gets lost between that cracker of a chorus, which is a shame.

However I do think we’re going to see a lot more from this guy.

Harry and Bart

Liquid Bear

At first I thought these guys reminded me of My Morning Jacket, with a dreamy intro but then the chorus hit and they brought White Lies or Muse energy and banging guitar solos.

The song itself is fantastic and it answers the question – where have all the rock bands gone? But I think the lyrics could be stronger.

I love that the video for this really rocking single was clearly just shot in one of their apartments, I was expecting their mammy to come in and offer tea at any moment.

This begs the question – what happens when they’re polished?

The Unknown

Rosie Turton

I’m one of these plebs who doesn’t know how to review Jazz; I don’t know what to listen out for or what people’s intentions are when making it. I do know I like this song though, and I wanted to include it here.

The build-up of tension at the beginning of the song with the steel drums guitar and brass and piano are very effective and has a wonderful payoff.

But the layering on this song and composition work so well and the chord progression is beautiful and I could listen to it all day.


Michael Jablonka

Papier-Mache is hopefully a sign of things to come from Michael Jablonka. The energy this guy brings to this track is palpable.

It feels like it will be a great one to dance to. I absolutely want to see this guy performing live; a crowd bouncing with this would be an experience to remember.

This guy has a lot of potential. It feels like the start of something wonderful – let’s hope he can get the audience he needs. Definitely look out for this guy.


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