Shane Collins of Brown Bag Films

Shane Collins is an animator at Brown Bag Films. He was the lead Animator on Academy nominated short film ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’. He’s just after directing a sequel to successful viral short ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and he’s involved in Brown Bag’s new project with Amazon. Listen via the youtube video and/or read the transcript!

They Might Be Giants – John Flansburgh Interview

“We recorded all the music on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for over a decade but because their credit scroll runs at the speed of light I don’t think anyone besides the people reading this know it.”

I spoke to They Might Be Giants guitarist John Flansburgh about what he’s learned in his time on the road, his own musical taste, the band’s Dial-a-song innovation, and how it affected their latest album ‘Glean’.

Why the Marvel film race is driving me nuts

I used to love spagbol. Coming home from school there was always this nervous anticipation as to, what will I devour today and I was usually confronted with meals that had a distinct lacking of both spag and bol. But now I’m in college, cruising the aisles of Tesco proper gangsta style, and I can eat pretty much whatever…