Stephen Fingleton – Interview (nsfw)

“You wanna know why most actors don’t make it? It’s because they’re boring, and they’re f***ing normal. I see all these CV’s of these guys emailing me, going you know please hire me or whatever, and their faces are boring, their backgrounds are boring, they’ve got nothing to say, they’ve got no heap of pain to transmute into an experience for an audience, whereas it’s the guy who’s got a heap of tattoos over his face – He goes in the consider pile.”

It’s just black ink on white paper

When the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ trailer was released, the internet promptly (and rightly) exploded. There were so many talking points. But one I don’t think deserves much merit or opposition was the ‘controversial’ decision to cast John Boyega, a black stormtrooper, as a main character. One Youtuber suggested that the franchise “didn’t need some black…