Hair Soliloquy #5: Barbaric College

“We’re not letting that 8-year-old get a Mohawk are we?” asked Charles in hushed tones.

“Let the little shit have a Mohawk, we’ll see how he likes it when he’s thrown into a dustbin tomorrow morning,” replied Hank.

Hair Soliloquy #4: The Scalpist

Ben was a man who wasn’t afraid of making money – no matter what the cost. He used to be a retail zombie, In a company with a gazillion franchisees, but he found that self-employment worked for him better than working under a middle aged middle manager unsatisfied in her marriage, and unblessed by children.…

Hair Soliloquy #2: The Hair Conspiracy

HAIR TODAY – GONE TOMORROW ? BY BILLY KIDMAN There’s a lot more to the practice of hairdressing than meets the eye. They all think it’s just lop off a bunch of hair, and there it ends. But do you ever wonder where it goes? Is it dumped in the bin straightaway? Ha! Get off…