Hair Soliloquy #4: The Scalpist

Ben was a man who wasn’t afraid of making money – no matter what the cost. He used to be a retail zombie, In a company with a gazillion franchisees, but he found that self-employment worked for him better than working under a middle aged middle manager unsatisfied in her marriage, and unblessed by children.…

Hair Soliloquy #2: The Hair Conspiracy

HAIR TODAY – GONE TOMORROW ? BY BILLY KIDMAN There’s a lot more to the practice of hairdressing than meets the eye. They all think it’s just lop off a bunch of hair, and there it ends. But do you ever wonder where it goes? Is it dumped in the bin straightaway? Ha! Get off…

Hair Soliloquy #1: The Evil Beard

“He looked in the fridge at lunch and spied a Kit Kat bar belonging to someone else in the office. He considered stealing it before he stopped himself.

“I’m not that hungry,” he thought.

“Don’t just leave it,” whispered the beard, voice now past adolescence. Jude reached for it again, threw it to the ground, and stepped on it for no reason other than to peeve the owner. He put it back into the fridge with a sinister grin on his face.”