Irwin Sparkes of the Hoosiers – Interview

“Our lawyer sent me an email going, ‘oh have you heard of this guy, Hozier?’ and I was like, ‘Yes, I expect you to have instigated legal proceedings by the time you’ve finished reading this email,’ and he emailled back, ‘are you serious? do you want me to?’

“And I said ‘No! No, no, don’t!’ It’s like, it’s his name, and I certainly don’t think it’s going to do him any favours, and it certainly won’t do us any harm!
“We were thinking of covering Take Me To Church just to make it more confusing.”

Vote For Crackplot!

I don’t do many posts in first person, but these are exceptional circumstances indeed! I’ve been lucky enough to be short-listed as best blog in the ‘Arts and Culture’ category by the Blog Awards Ireland. It’s great to see all the hard work paying off and it’s motivating me to no end! Now though, comes…