Hesitation Makes – Art Nikels

‘Hesitation Makes‘ begins as the name suggests, hesitantly. Peeling slugs from stones, with radiant waves, like echoes of an underwater earthquake a thousand miles away. The waves continuously approach with more urgency. Art Nikels are a San Francisco band that describe their work as a “blend of electronically fused psych-rock,” and “fuzz-folk morphology.”


It’s been 4 years since AWOLNATION served us up their last work in their album ‘Megalithic Symphony’, a massive commercial success with hits such as ’Sail’, so I had high hopes for their latest offering. ‘Run’ is the title song in their latest album.

Taylor Locke – Time Stands Still album review

  Taylor Locke’s ‘Time Stands Still‘ has been branded as “The new face of west coast rock” by Classic Rock Magazine, but I’m not sure if I want to stick around to see it’s direction. He describes it as a “slightly eclectic mix of power-pop, alt-folk, Americana and classic rock,” and I very much hear that;…