Kamila Dydyna – Interview

Here I speak to Kamila Dydyna, an actor, writer and producer living in Dublin, A real mover and shaker in the Dublin film industry who has bucketloads of projects on the go at the moment.

She talks about projects such as Feather Light and Paper Thin, Testimony and Positive Discrimination as well as loads of other stuff.

Give it a listen!

During the interview Kamila references a Film Ireland article about actors in Ireland in the face of adversity which you can find here. She is involved in piles of stuff and you can find some of the details here:

Positive Discrimination (Facebook Page)
Feather Light And Paper Thin (Facebook Page)
Feather Light and Paper Thin (INDIEGOGO Donantion page)
Testimony (Short Film)

And you can find all the details of these projects, and many more right here at Kamila’s official website!

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2 thoughts on “Kamila Dydyna – Interview

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